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Welcome to Words for Good - How we can help ourselves and our world
The goal of this site is to do something good for Humanity and for our Planet.

Every day we receive messages from the medias through words, images, movies, songs, etc.
Some of the messages are positive, but many are not.
Some messages are designed to generate fear (e.g. see the warning messages on cigarettes), some just transfer un-ease to people, unfortunately

This site will provide examples of the use of language to change lives. A forum is available to have people share their experiences.

A newsletter provides mind opening, unusual information or sometimes lighter subjects.

In addition a shop now allows to order orgonite items. Some of these items have a special design and use. These are either imported or made by local craftsmen.
Petition against additives in the food and cosmetic products
Please sign the petiton online * HERE *.
Deactivation of the online shop (June 1st, 2009)
The online shop has been deactivated. A friend's site with orgonite items will be suggested in the future.
Forum re-enabled - Orgonite in the news
The forum has been re-enabled.
Last week saw a lot of information about Orgonite in the newspapers (20 minutes, GHI, Lausanne-Cités, about half a million newspapers distributed) here in Switzerland. A next edition of the newsletter will talk about Orgonite.
Online shop available (April 22nd, 2007)
An online shop that offers exclusively orgonite items is now available. The orgonite is a mix of resin, metals and cristals that has the peculiarity to transform negative orgone into positive one.
For now the diffusion is limited to the Swiss territory and the automatic payment is not activated.
The forum is temporarily stopped.
Letter 6 available (January 13th, 2007)
The sixth letter sent to the mailing list is now available in the forum. You can register in the forum and ask questions.
The newsletter is still only available in French until further notice.
Happy New Year 2007
I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2007, filled with joy, love and health!