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Question: For any question...
Answer: Send it using the contact page
Question: What is the NLP?
Answer: NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It's a psychlogy technique of the behaviourist branch. The accent is put on the language, the observation and the form. One of the underlying ideas is that anyone can learn a new competence by "imitating" an efficient behaviour.

PNL on wikipedia
Question: What is the 3D-Mind?
Answer: 3D-Mind is a new technique derived from NLP and developed by Tom Vizzini and Kim McFarland. This technique is very efficient and fast. It allows to work on phobias and specific behaviours, among others. Their website is here.
Question: Who is the author of this site?
Answer: My name is Stéphane Meier and I live in Switzerland.

The author of this site endeavours to answer about any question! And what he does not know yet, he will learn sooner or later! (just kidding!)

Besides that, the author of this site has is computer science engineer, is a NPL master, 3D-Mind practitioner and Reiki master.