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Small stories
Breathe! (July 28th, 2006)
A colleague was telling me a story that visibly moved her. She didn't stop, her breathing was fast and superficial. Noticing that, I told her: "Ok, now stop and breathe!". She thanked me, telling me that she often did it.

Breathing is vital and also allows to get rid off of emotions, take advantage of it!
I'll be happy when...
You have certainly already heard this little sentence starting with "I'll be happy when..." that ends with a countless number of variants such as "when I'll be graduated", "when I'll be on vacation", "when I'll have a boy/girlfriend", "when I'll have children", "when I'll have a job", etc.

Living happens now. Why putting a condition to your happiness?
Before taking the plane
Several years ago, I drove my girlfriend of the time to the airport. She had won a few days in New York with her best friend (let's call her Celine). Celine wished to stop smoking. Benefitting from the fifteen minutes which remained before the plane's departure, I spoke to her about my uncle who a beautiful morning had forgotten to smoke.
Overnight, without conscious decision on his part, he simply had "forgotten" to smoke and had't smoked since. I also told her that the body needs not the smoke and that her body can make without smoke. There is a moment when smoke is no longer necessary for the body.

Then, they left and embarked. After arriving in New York, Céline said: "I do not feel anymore the urge to smoke. What did your friend do to me?"
Without any special effort, she had stopped smoking for four months.

The friend (me) had used a suggestion technique of NLP. Suggestions or a simple conversation can influence you. The first person who influences you is yourself. Therefore always suggest yourself positive things!
The bus stop
Several years ago, while leaving work, it snows with large flakes. I move towards the bus stop and I cross my father there.
He swears against the trolley bus which was awaited already many minutes before.
Snow caused a significant traffic jam. He tells me that he is cold in his city shoes. I tell him: "you are not required to stay here, you can enter a store or drink a coffee for example". He answers: "No, I stay here, I await the trolley bus ".
On my side, instead of waiting, I returned home walking.

We all choose our reality. Does yours give you cold feet? Which one did you choose?
The menu
At the company's canteen, there are three menus at disposal. I request from the cook to get the meat from menu 1, the vegetable from menu 2 and the accompaniment from menu 3. A colleague who follows me tell me "you are so complicated".
I retort to him: "If I do not ask for what I want, how I will have it?"

What we choose belongs to ourselves. Everyone has different tastes and goals. Never assume that the others know what you wish if you never said anything to them.